Willis Lease Engine Pooling Program

The Willis Lease North American, European, and China Engine Sharing Agreements represent years of coordination and work among numerous airlines and Willis Lease, and will ultimately change the way all engines are leased in the future.

The Sharing Agreements allow members to obtain the use of available spare engines from other members, including Willis Lease, and as the fleets mature, Willis Lease will be the exclusive supplier of additional engines. In addition to eliminating the need for engine lease negotiations, the engine sharing agreement utilizes a web-based reservation system that allows the members to access detailed information relating to engine availability and condition. Engines can literally be rented in a matter of minutes complete with data packages and final contract documents produced and signed. The engine pools streamline and automate the often cumbersome and expensive process more commonly used for Engines.

The Willis Lease North American, European, and China Engine Sharing Agreement specifically cover the CFM56-7B engines used to power Boeing 737 Next Generation Aircraft. Currently, the following carriers are members of the Willis Lease Pooling Program:

North America: American, WestJet, Alaska, AirTran, Delta, Enerjet, Southwest and Sunwing

China: Air China, China Eastern, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shandong

Willis Lease is carving out a very important and strategic role for itself in the market, creating predictable demand for spare engines and raising the bar for competitors to enter the market. The Willis Lease Pooling Program — the means to keep your spares working for you.